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Who We Are

Adventurous. Fierce. Bold.

When people hear that I’m a “Wedding Planner”, they usually imagine me running around looking crazed with a headset on, barking orders at unruly catering staff. They want to know all about those Bridezilla stories I have to tell, and want to hear about the craziest mother of the bride I’ve ever dealt with. But you know what? I don’t have stories like that, and I definitely don’t run around looking frazzled and insane on your wedding day. My philosophy is that if you end up married at the end of the day, its been a success. I don’t see the point in sweating the small stuff…no matter how well thought out your wedding is, there will always be something that didn’t go as planned. My job is to have a solution before you even noticed there was a problem – working through those little bumps and hiccups smoothly so that we can focus on whats truly important on your day. (SPOILER ALERT: it isn’t the little spot of dirt that got on the back of your dress, or the fact that your mother in law didn’t do her hair the way you wanted).

If you’re down with that vibe, I want to be your wedding fairy godmother.

I got into the wedding industry in 2013 with a pretty strong fear of it. I mean, let’s be honest…it’s a little silly and crazy at times. But there is something about seeing two people make the decision to marry and spend the rest of their lives together that makes my soul happy. I love marriage. I really, truly believe that it’s the most exciting, challenging and rewarding adventure two people could ever embark on. That deserves to be celebrated.

I’m in the business of making meaningful moments and celebrating life’s greatest loves. I’m here so that you can be truly present at your event. I’m here to take your 100,000 Pinterest pins and turn them into one, cohesive design plan. I’m here to let you have a meltdown when you see the bill for your chair rentals, and also here to show you how we can still achieve something beautiful that’s within your budget. I run this business with the perspective that everyone needs to celebrate in their own way, whether that’s an elopement on the beach or a massive 400-person party. Above all, I value individuality and creativity in my designs.

Lets make wedding magic together!

Shoot me an email, tell me all about your upcoming event and what you’re looking for in an event designer and florist. If I’m available for your date, I’ll shoot you a quick little questionnaire to fill out with the basics of your day, and then lets meet over drinks! Or food! Or coffee! Or DONUTS.