Kelsey and Andrew! These guys are long-time friends of mine and Cj’s, so I jumped at the chance to plan their wedding! Cj and Andrew have known each other since Middle School, and they’re part of our core group of friends who do all major life events together. While she had Blumz do all of her personal floral, I got to flex my designing muscles on her tablescapes and ceremony. This was my FIRST flowered wedding, guys!!

We held the ceremony at the outdoor space in Roberts Riverwalk Hotel with on the Detroit River, and the reception was at the historical Cliff Bells, where jazz greats have been playing for decades. With such a unique and storied venue, we didn’t want to get too distracting with decor, since the space is like an Art Deco wet dream as it is.

Also, can we just talk about how craft Kelsey is?? She MADE THIS SIGN, GUYS. Like, lighting and all. And she made their card box too!

All in all, it was such a fun time for me, and super special to be able to be a part of for my friends.

Photography: Jillian Bowes

Venue: Cliff Bells and Roberts River Walk Hotel